Big Sky Animal Medical Center

Total Hip Replacements

After extensive training, Dr. Scherr has been performing Total Hip Replacements since 2005. Dogs over 9 months of age and over 30 lbs. who show arthritic changes to their joints are excellent candidates for this procedure. Over 95 percent of patients regain a full range of motion and normal function. These implants can be expected to last over two decades and never need replacing. Benefits of a Total Hip Replacement with Big Sky:

• BioMedtrix BFX® and CFX® methods
• 95 percent normal post-operative function
• Owners notice personality improvements due to the dog being pain free
• Implants do not wear out — lifespan of implants is over 20 years
• Patients stay for two weeks post-operatively and go home 80 percent weight-bearing

Triple Pelvic Osteotomy

Big Sky also offers complicated fracture repair as well as TPO surgery. TPO is ideal for preventing the severe arthritis of the hips caused by hip dysplasia. Young dogs are candidates before arthritic changes are seen. Lameness generally resolves within three months and we experience 90 percent success with TPO.


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