Big Sky Animal Medical Center

Radiology Services

In addition to orthopedic services, Big Sky Animal Medical Center also provides a variety of radiological procedures including intravenous pyelograms, myelograms, OFA radiographs, and PennHIP diagnostics. We also do a wide range of soft tissue surgeries including laryngeal tie backs and total ear canal ablations.


• Used in diagnosis of collapsing trachea
• Used in placement of tracheal stents
• Helpful in orthopedic surgeries to determine pin placement


Dr. Scherr has been certified and using the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program diagnosis of hip dysplasia for more than a decade. This procedure allows assessment of the canine hip at a younger age than OFA and is a great tool for improving breeding programs.

• Unlike OFA certification radiography, PennHIP can be performed on dogs 4 months or older with no need to repeat after 2 years of age 
• Three different views of the hips are taken
• Allows accurate measurements of hip joint laxity

CT Scan

Not only is Computed Tomography highly diagnostic in neurological cases, it is also an invaluable tool for getting a better view of the middle ear, sinus, nasal cavity, and skull.

• Better differentiation of tissue planes than conventional radiographs
• Allows a 3-D view of tissues
• Helpful in isolation of tumors
• Excellent in orthopedic diagnostics
• Images can be sent to board-certified radiologists for evaluation

Special Procedures

• Intravenous pyelograms
• Barium series
• OFA Radiographs
• Abdominal & reproductive ultrasound
• Myelograms
• Contrast cystograms


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