Big Sky Animal Medical Center

State-of-the-art equipment for definitive diagnostics

Big Sky Animal Medical Center uses the highest quality diagnostic equipment by leading veterinary manufacturers.

In-house lab IDEXX diagnostics
• Coagulation Profile:  CBC comprehensive; fibrinogen quantitative; platelet count; prothrombin time; partial thromboplastin
• VetStat® Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer: Fast, accurate results for electrolytes, acid-base status, blood gases, ionized calcium and glucose
analyzer • Catalyst Dx® Chemistry Analyzer: Chemistries and electrolytes
• Cardiopet® proBNP Test: For canine and feline heart health

CT (Computed Tomography)
• Better differentiation of tissue planes than conventional radiographs
• Allows a 3-D view of tissues
• Helpful in isolation of tumors
• Excellent in orthopedic diagnostics
• Images can be sent to board-certified radiologists for evaluation

PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Stem Cell Therapy
Big Sky Animal Medical Center is now offering PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cell therapy. While this technology has been used in human sports medicine for years, we have been using its applications for approximately one year. Our results have been astounding. Some of the applications have included total hip revision, avulsions of the scaplua, tendon repair, direct joint injection for osteoarthritis, and complicated fracture repairs (open).akclogo

AKC- approved reproductive procedures
• Infertility services
• Chilled and frozen semen shipped and received
• Ultrasound

Other procedures
• Intravenous pyelograms
ofalogo • Barium series
• OFA radiographs
• Abdominal and reproductive ultrasound
• Myelograms
• Contrast cystograms
• Video endoscopy
• Bronchoscopy
• Blood pressure diagnostic capabilities
• Arthroscopy


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